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Looking To Upgrade? Breaking Down Residential Flooring Options

Are you looking to upgrade your residential floors during the new year? As you begin to check out your full set of options, you may begin to feel a bit overwhelmed by the different styles, materials, and looks available.Each residential flooring option has its own unique pros and cons, and each style will offer a

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4 Tips To Avoid A Bad Concrete Repair Job

Have you ever experienced that strong and confident feeling that comes from the satisfaction of completing a difficult home renovation or repair? For homeowners, few feelings are quite as nice as standing back and looking at a finished product that you built by hand. A well-built and repurposed project can become the pride and joy

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Should I Resurface Or Repave My Old Concrete?

When it comes to finding a surface that is strong, durable, and consistent, there is a reason that so many companies and residential homeowners go with concrete. Whether you are looking to build a strong garage or driveway, or are putting together a great-looking outdoor patio or walkway, concrete is the way to go for

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3 Tips For Enhancing The Look & Life Of Your Concrete

The long-lasting durability of concrete makes it a great surface option for a variety of purposes: community walkways, residential patios, driveways, and more. Concrete provides a strong, even foundation that can be enjoyed for years. However, like any other manufactured material, concrete will begin to wear and tear over time – especially if it is

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Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Choice For Residential Resurfacing

Considering updating your residential property garage flooring? Check out the benefits of epoxy floor coating! As one of the flooring industry’s fastest growing products, epoxy floor coatings are appearing in residential spaces around the globe. The beauty of an epoxy floor – matched with the simplicity of its quick installation – has made this flooring

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4 Common Questions About Epoxy Floors: Answered!

When it comes to deciding on epoxy floors for residential properties, there are many common questions that homeowners ask our team. Here are our top four questions with helpful answers. One of the most popular flooring systems for replacing or renovating garages and showrooms is epoxy. Easy installation and the ability of epoxy to quickly

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Top Questions To Ask Your Epoxy Installer

If you are choosing an epoxy floor coating professional, here are the questions you MUST ask before hiring. Choosing to upgrade and revamp your commercial property is a huge investment. From top to bottom, the decisions you make may be based on quantity – money to be spent, items to be purchased and installed, and

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5 Common Commercial Retail Flooring Mistakes

Avoid regretting your commercial retail flooring choices by avoiding these five common mistakes.Commercial retail flooring is one of the most critical aspects of commercial retail stores. Not only does it provide safety and aesthetics for customers, but commercial retail flooring also has a considerable impact on your commercial property’s value.Unfortunately, commercial retailers often make mistakes

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