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Is An Epoxy Floor Coating Safe For My Home?

When homeowners consider adding an epoxy floor to their residential property, one question rises above the others: is epoxy flooring a safe option for my home?

Epoxy floor coatings are quickly rising in popularity due to their ability to offer long-term protection from wear and tear, as well as a fantastic look that brightens up boring garage floors.

Not only does epoxy offer lasting benefits, but the installation of an epoxy coating is also quite affordable.

The benefits of epoxy are leading many homeowners to consider this flooring method to spruce up their garage floors. 

However, one questions arise again and again when homeowners contact epoxy flooring companies: is an epoxy floor coating safe for my home and family? 

Let’s break down this common question with an answer that will calm you fears regarding this flooring option:

Is Epoxy Flooring Safe?

The best answer to the question of epoxy safety is: Yes! 

When it comes to creating a safe and hazard-free environment for residential properties, epoxy floor coatings are a safe bet.

In fact, the way that epoxy is designed ensures that the surface can be applied and dry quickly – preventing unexpected accidents.

Even the shiniest epoxy floor coating is safe to walk on, despite its slick look.

The secret to epoxy’s safety is in the resin that is used to formulate the compound.

Most epoxies are created with two specific ingredients: a resin, and a hardener.

When mixed together, the resin and hardener work together to initiate a chemical reaction that leads to quick and strong hardening of the epoxy to the surface on which it is applied. 

At the molecular level, the resin and hardener attach to the floor through a curing process that ensures a strong grip and hold.

Different epoxy resin amounts can be customized with each epoxy type, giving different strengths and resistance from slipping and abrasions.

Understanding Epoxy VOC Levels

A helpful concept to understand with epoxy floor coatings is the volatile organic compound (VOC) level in each.

Each epoxy has a VOC level that varies depending on the manufacturing. The VOC levels are what give epoxy its smell when applied at the first coating.

The compounds in epoxy can give some homeowners hesitancy when choosing this option, as they wish to keep their families and home free of unknown toxins.

Luckily, nearly every epoxy that is professionally manufactured for residential purposes is created of nearly 100% solid compounds – meaning very few, if any VOCs.

This means that while the epoxy may give off an odor during application and curing, the smell will quickly dissipate, and is not dangerous for anyone in the home.

For extra protection, those who are actively working with the epoxy solution will wear a protective mask and equipment during application to avoid any possible exposure to VOCs.

Epoxy & Children

Epoxy makers know that garage floors are used for more than simply storing vehicles or equipment.

A garage can become a favorite place for children to play and pretend.

Epoxy, when applied properly by a professional, is non-slick and safe for running and playing on once cured and dry. 

Always makes sure to follow all application instructions when applying an epoxy floor coating, or hire an experienced team to complete the job for you safely!

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Get Started With The Safest Flooring Choice

When applying epoxy floor coatings to a residential property, the highest levels of safety and quality assurance go into ensuring that the floor is ready for enjoyment by the entire family.

The safe qualities of epoxy – among the many other benefits of this flooring option – make it one of the best choices for restoring or replacing residential garage flooring.

Want to learn more about epoxy floor coating options? Contact your local epoxy floor company today