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Are Metallic Epoxy Floors Slippery?

Those looking for a beautiful and elegant flooring choice should consider Metallic epoxy floors. These floors are manufactured with marble chips in the resin, giving them a beautiful appearance. However, some people have concerns about the safety of these floors because they are made with an oily substance called styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). This rubber is

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5 Ways to Bring the Showroom to Your Home with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a great way to bring the showroom to your home. Epoxy floors are designed to last for years and are resistant to all types of chemicals-even bleach! They’re also easy to clean, waterproof, and can have any color you want–so you know what’s coming down your hallways. You’ll often find these floors

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Avoid Annual Home Maintenance with Concrete Coatings

It is no surprise that the average homeowner spends thousands annually on home maintenance. What may be surprising, however, is that this figure does not include any work done by a professional contractor. Instead, it includes things like gardening and painting as well as buying supplies such as new fixtures or appliances (source). Over time

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4 Tips To Avoid A Bad Concrete Repair Job

Have you ever experienced that strong and confident feeling that comes from the satisfaction of completing a difficult home renovation or repair? For homeowners, few feelings are quite as nice as standing back and looking at a finished product that you built by hand. A well-built and repurposed project can become the pride and joy

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What Is the Best Garage Floor Covering?

Garage floors take quite a bit of abuse. Not only do you park your car on them, but you also have to worry about oil and gas spills, as well as the weight of heavy objects. When it comes time to replace your garage floor, you want to make sure you select the right garage

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Six Reasons To Bring Epoxy Coatings To Your Showroom Floors

If your business operates a showroom, the look and feel of the showroom floor can either boost or detract from the products sitting on top. If you have noticed that your showroom floors are looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to consider an upgrade. A fast-growing showroom floor option for many

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How To Get The Perfect Concrete Staining Result

For homeowners and property managers across the globe, bringing new life to their worn-out and damaged concrete flooring has become an increasingly important necessity.  Damaged and worn-down concrete flooring can be both an eye-sore for those who walk across it every day, and can potentially turn away customers and clients looking for high-quality property. While

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Choose The Cleaner Option With Garage Floor Epoxy

With a professionally-installed metallic epoxy floor, you can enjoy a fantastic-looking flooring solution at a fraction of the cost of many other flooring options.

Epoxy floors offer a long-lasting flooring renovation that can be customized to meet any unique need or desire.

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Should I Resurface Or Repave My Old Concrete?

When it comes to finding a surface that is strong, durable, and consistent, there is a reason that so many companies and residential homeowners go with concrete. Whether you are looking to build a strong garage or driveway, or are putting together a great-looking outdoor patio or walkway, concrete is the way to go for

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