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5 Reasons To Invest In Your Commercial Retail Flooring

As a business owner, ensuring that your brick-and-mortar location provides a high-quality and inviting environment is key to success. Let’s face it – no customer will want to return to a store that has outdated, worn-out, or dangerous floors. While you may not spend a lot of time thinking about your commercial retail flooring, your

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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring For Your Restaurant?

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring For Your Restaurant? With COVID-19 restrictions loosening around the globe, more retail and restaurants are reopening their doors and welcoming guests back in full force. However, many restaurant owners have discovered that the months of empty dining rooms have revealed a sad fact – the floors of your restaurant are looking

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How Long Will My Epoxy Floor Coating Last?

As you consider adding the benefits of a great-looking epoxy floor to your home, learn how long you can expect your new floor to last. Over the past few years, epoxy floor treatments have become increasingly popular options for residential flooring replacements. Instead of simply fixing cracked or chipping concrete garage floors, many homeowners are

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6 Signs You Are Due For A Concrete Repair Or Resurfacing

Here’s the sad truth about life – things wear out.  From our favorite concert t-shirt to a beloved cast-iron skillet, beloved material objects have a way of shrinking and breaking down over time. Even our bodies are in a constant state of wearing down – thus the ever-present, if unwanted, need for diet and exercise.

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