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Top Questions To Ask Your Epoxy Installer

If you are choosing an epoxy floor coating professional, here are the questions you MUST ask before hiring.

Choosing to upgrade and revamp your commercial property is a huge investment. From top to bottom, the decisions you make may be based on quantity – money to be spent, items to be purchased and installed, and more.

However, your decisions must also be driven by quality – the longevity, durability, and effectiveness of the products and services you buy.

If you are considering installing epoxy floor coating for your commercial garage or showroom floors, you need to ensure that you hire only the best professionals.

Your monetary investment isn’t going toward the final epoxy flooring product, but it also goes toward those who install the coating.

A quality epoxy professional will know the ins-and-outs of the entire process, including what epoxy product would best serve your unique commercial space.

Epoxy flooring is a great options for many commercial flooring uses, and when installed and maintained professionally, this treatment can bring new life to your property for years.

Making The Best Epoxy Professional Choice

The application of an epoxy floor coating is a great investment, but should only be completed by trained professionals.

DIY epoxy flooring jobs can leave your flooring with a cheap appearance, and will often not last the duration of professionally-installed epoxy coats. 

However, not every epoxy flooring contractor is the same.

In the same way you wouldn’t install a cheap epoxy product, make sure that your contractor is worth the money invested in their services.

The lowest installation price may also lead to low-quality results.

When you begin discussing your epoxy flooring options with professional installation companies, consider asking the following questions upfront to gauge their knowledge of the product and process.

This can help you land on the best installation expert for your dollar.

Question 1: “Are you insured for your work?”

One of the first questions you should ask is whether or not a contractor’s work is insured.

Individual contractors or firms should have general liability policies at minimum that protect property owners from bodily harm or property damage during installation of an epoxy floor coating. 

While the installation process is relatively safe and efficient, you will want to cover your bases legally by making sure that your contractor is thinking ahead on issues such as insurance and liability.

Understand the process for making a claim in the event that property is damaged or sub-par.

Question 2: “Can you tell me about your experience installing epoxy?”

Depending on the size of your commercial property, your epoxy installation can vary in price and complexity.

Don’t leave the final result up to chance. Before you sign a contract, ask your potential contractor about their previous experience in installation with commercial clients.

Some firms have limited experience in residential properties only, which you will want to avoid for your large-scale commercial needs. 

Question 3: “Can I see your reviews and portfolio?”

An easy way to gauge the ability and quality of an epoxy flooring contractor is to ask to see their past reviews and portfolio. You should also do some research on your own, as many contractors will jump over negative reviews with clients.

Getting an eye on the other commercial projects a contractor has completed with epoxy can help you see what your final results will look like.

Question 4: “How is the prior flooring prepared before installation?”

By asking this question, you will get a real idea as to how experienced your contractor is with your particular commercial flooring needs.

Without the proper preparation of a floor prior to epoxy installation, the result can be uneven floors and poor adherence of the epoxy to the material underneath.

Avoid future issues by ensuring your potential contractor knows how to handle the pre-work of an epoxy installation.

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Trust The Professionals With Your Epoxy

For long-lasting epoxy flooring that turns heads and wows customers, don’t risk low-quality installation.

By asking the right questions to epoxy companies, you can ensure that the highest levels of safety and quality assurance have gone into the entire process before a single contract is signed. 

Are you ready to discover more about epoxy floor coatings for your commercial property?

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