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4 Common Questions About Epoxy Floors: Answered!

When it comes to deciding on epoxy floors for residential properties, there are many common questions that homeowners ask our team. Here are our top four questions with helpful answers.

One of the most popular flooring systems for replacing or renovating garages and showrooms is epoxy.

Easy installation and the ability of epoxy to quickly and easily cover unsightly cracks and blemishes are some of the reasons this flooring option has seen such an explosion in popularity.

The sleek shine and eye-popping perfection of epoxy floors are sure to catch the eye of customers and neighbors alike. 

If you are new to epoxy flooring or are wondering if this flooring is the right choice for your property, knowledge can be powerful.

Here are the answers to four common questions to help you learn more about epoxy floors.

4 Common Questions About Epoxy Floors

1. How Long Does Epoxy Coating Take To Complete?

Epoxy coating is a quick process.

Typically, a skilled epoxy flooring company can install your flooring in as little as 24 hours, with an average of 14 hours drying time. 

One aspect of completion time is the current state of your flooring.

The more damaged the floor currently is, the longer it may take for a company to smoothly lay down the epoxy coating.

The goal in the installation is both repairing the underlying conditions of the floor and providing a smooth finish. 

A skilled epoxy contractor should be able to offer you an estimated completion time based on your current flooring needs and desired outcome.

2. How Do You Clean Epoxy Flooring?

When it comes to cleaning your new epoxy floors, there are typically two avenues:

  1. Clean-It-Yourself

Your epoxy floor company should provide you with the recommended cleaning solutions and maintenance guide for your epoxy floors.

Commonly, installation companies will encourage owners to avoid cleaning with acid-based cleaners, as this can damage the epoxy seal and damage the floor. 

  1. Epoxy Cleaning Companies

To avoid the hassle (and possible risk) of cleaning your epoxy floors yourself, you can always hire a skilled epoxy floor cleaning company.

These companies are experienced in cleaning and maintaining epoxy floors, and can take care of the routine care themselves.

This can save you time and ensure that your floors are protected with proper cleaning.

3. Are Customizations Available?

Yes! The ability to customize your epoxy flooring to look like nearly anything imaginable is one of the main reasons so many choose epoxy.

By specifically mixing the blends of your epoxy, you can achieve unique looks that will wow those who step on your floor.

You can even add details such as logos and artistic landscapes to give your floor a jaw-dropping appearance. 

4. What Is The Cost Of Epoxy Flooring?

The final cost of an epoxy flooring installation can vary depending on a variety of factors.

The size of the floor to be coated, the current condition of the floor and the unique elements you may want in your epoxy design will play a part in determining the final cost.

Special additions such as decals, wainscot, line striping, and more will often add a customization surcharge. 

On average, most epoxy flooring companies charge anywhere from $3-$8 per square foot for epoxy coating.

To get an idea as to the true cost of your installation, work with a credible epoxy flooring company.

By looking at your current floor and the specific elements you want to be included in your epoxy coating, a skilled team will help you build an estimate.

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Your Epoxy Questions - Answered!

As epoxy flooring becomes increasingly more popular, homeowners are becoming interested in using epoxy on their floors.

As a quick and easy way to achieve incredible results, epoxy may be a great choice for your floor.

To learn more about epoxy and the process to install in your location, contact your local epoxy floor company.