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On The Fence About Epoxy? Here’s Some Advice From The Experts

When it comes to rejuvenating your home’s concrete flooring, discover how epoxy floors are becoming the next big thing. When your concrete or cement flooring begins to show the signs of age, you may begin to wonder if it’s time to replace and upgrade. Chipped concrete, cracks, and stains can make even the best garage

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5 Ways to Bring the Showroom to Your Home with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a great way to bring the showroom to your home. Epoxy floors are designed to last for years and are resistant to all types of chemicals-even bleach! They’re also easy to clean, waterproof, and can have any color you want–so you know what’s coming down your hallways. You’ll often find these floors

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Choose The Cleaner Option With Garage Floor Epoxy

With a professionally-installed metallic epoxy floor, you can enjoy a fantastic-looking flooring solution at a fraction of the cost of many other flooring options.

Epoxy floors offer a long-lasting flooring renovation that can be customized to meet any unique need or desire.

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5 Misconceptions About Residential Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings in residential locations are becoming increasingly popular, but there are misconceptions about how the flooring works. Residential garage floors (or any floor, for that matter) have an annoying habit of degrading over time. The normal wear and tear of daily use – such as the weight of vehicles and the spills of

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Benefits Of Epoxy For Retail Spaces

For commercial and retail spaces, ensuring that your flooring is robust and professional is essential for creating a safe and inviting space. However, the high levels of foot traffic and the movement of goods and equipment can cause flooring to wear out quickly. Add on top of this the toll of hours of bright lights

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3 Tips For Enhancing The Look & Life Of Your Concrete

The long-lasting durability of concrete makes it a great surface option for a variety of purposes: community walkways, residential patios, driveways, and more. Concrete provides a strong, even foundation that can be enjoyed for years. However, like any other manufactured material, concrete will begin to wear and tear over time – especially if it is

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Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Choice For Residential Resurfacing

Considering updating your residential property garage flooring? Check out the benefits of epoxy floor coating! As one of the flooring industry’s fastest growing products, epoxy floor coatings are appearing in residential spaces around the globe. The beauty of an epoxy floor – matched with the simplicity of its quick installation – has made this flooring

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4 Common Questions About Epoxy Floors: Answered!

When it comes to deciding on epoxy floors for residential properties, there are many common questions that homeowners ask our team. Here are our top four questions with helpful answers. One of the most popular flooring systems for replacing or renovating garages and showrooms is epoxy. Easy installation and the ability of epoxy to quickly

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How to Use Epoxy to Create a Luxury Garage Floor?

Nothing says luxury like a professional epoxy floor in your garage. Epoxy is the perfect surface to create a luxurious, showroom-like look, and it’s easily attainable if you know what steps to take.  Let’s take a look at the steps to applying epoxy to your floors to make your garage the envy of the neighborhood!

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